J’eco srl mainly collects non-personal data, i.e. data which are in such a form as to not allow a direct association with any specific person. The collection, use, transfer and diffusion can occur for various reasons: the following are a few examples:

  • data such as occupation, language, postal code, telephone area code, identification code, location and time zone can be used for having a  better understanding of the behaviour of the clients and improve products, services and publicity;
  • data relating to the activity of the Clients on the web and on the Jeco Guides platform can be aggregated and used for providing useful information for the Clients and for understanding which parts of the platform, products and services are of greatest interest. Aggregated data are considered to be non-personal for the purposes of the present Privacy Policy.

Non-personal data combined with personal data are treated as personal data, for as long as they remain aggregated.



J’eco srl also collects personal data, i.e. data which can be used for univocally identifying a person or contacting the same when the univocal identification of the User is necessary for the functioning of the platform and associated services.

J’eco srl and its affiliates may share these data and use them according to the present Privacy Policy, or combine them with other data for providing and improving the products, services and contents of Jeco Guides and other services supplied by J’eco srl.



When a Jeco Guides Account is created or when a Product of J’eco srl (e.g. a Jeco Guide) is purchased, or material is sent to the Jeco Guides system (e.g. the contents of a Jeco Guide are uploaded, feedback is left for a Guide, a signal is produced, an updating is downloaded) a series of data are collected, including the name, address, telephone number, email address, contact preferences, geographical position.



Personal data collected by Jeco Guides and other J’eco srl services allow the User to be updated on software novelties and improve the services and contents offered by the system.

Personal data are also useful for sending important notifications, such as communications with reference to purchases and modifications to the terms, conditions and policy of use.  As these data are important for interaction with J’eco srl, it cannot be requested that these communications not be received.

Finally, personal data can be used for internal objectives, for verifications, data analysis research for improving the products, services and communication with the Clients of J’eco srl

In the case of Jeco Authors, personal data are used for exerting administrative and fiscal formalities.



Web applications, interactive applications, email messages and J’eco srl publicity may avail of “cookies” and data tracing to have a better understanding of the behaviour of the Users and prepare possible navigation statistic data.


J’eco srl and its partners avail of cookies and  memorize user data, in the memory of the devices, in order to make the experience of using J’eco srl easier and more personal.

For example, knowing the name allows the User to be welcomed at the subsequent access to a service of J’eco srl (ex. Jeco Guides Account); knowing the contact information helps the products to be registered and personalizes the platform of the single User, also helping the configuration of the services provided by J’eco srl.

If the User prefers not to receive cookies from J’eco srl, it must disable them following the indications of its own provider. It should be remembered that some characteristics of the services offered by J’eco srl will not be available once the cookies have been disabled.

Like most suppliers of web and mobile services, J’eco srl automatically collects various types of data and stores them in log files. These data include Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, language and type of a possible browser, Internet Service Provider (ISP),  inlet/outlet pages, operative system, date and hour and data of the clickstream.

These data are used for understanding and analyzing tendencies, managing services, knowing the behaviour of Clients on the J’eco srl platforms, collecting demographical data on the base of clients. J’eco srl may use said data in marketing services and publicity.

In some of the email messages, J’eco srl uses clickable URLs connected to the content of J’eco srl or third-party web applications. J’eco srl may keep track of the data connected to the clicks on said URLs for determining interest in particular topics and measuring communication efficiency to the Clients. If the User prefers not to be tracked in this way, it is advisable not to click on the text or graphic links in the email messages.



J’eco srl may at times make certain personal data available to strategic partners who are working with J’eco srl to provide products and services or help J’eco srl in sales to the clients. The personal data will only be shared by J’eco srl for  providing or improving its own products, services and publicity and will not be shared with third parties for their commercial purposes.



J’eco srl may share personal data with companies which provide services, such as, for example, data processing, execution of client orders, managing and improving clients’ data, assistance to clients, evaluation of the interest of the User with respect to  products and services, search for clients or evaluation questionnaires. These companies may be located wherever J’eco srl operates and they are obliged to protect the data of the Users.



It may be necessary for J’eco srl – by law, judiciary process, disputes and/or requests by public and governmental authorities in the residing Country or outside – to diffuse the personal data of the User. The same may also be diffused if J’eco srl should deem that it is necessary or suitable to diffuse them, in compliance with the law or other questions of public importance.


J’eco srl may also diffuse personal data if it deems that their diffusion is reasonably necessary for applying the terms and conditions of the Contract or protect the activities or the Users. In addition, in the case of restructuring, mergers or sales, all personal data can be transferred to the third parties involved in these operations.



J’eco srl takes precautions for protecting the personal data of the User against loss, theft or improper use, in addition to non-authorized access, revelation, alteration and destruction.


The services on-line of J’eco srl (e.g. the Jeco Guides platform) use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypting systems on all web pages in which personal data are collected. In this way the confidentiality of the personal data is protected when they are transmitted via Internet.


When the User uses services or applications of J’eco srl which imply the sharing of data on a social network service of J’eco srl or third parties, the personal data shared are visible to the other Users and can be read, collected or used by them. On these occasions, the User is responsible for the personal data it chooses to forward.


  1. Minority Age

J’eco srl does not intentionally collect personal data of subjects below the age of 18 years. If J’eco srl realizes that it has collected personal data of a subject less than 18 years old, it will take measures for cancelling the data at the earliest.

  1. Services based on the position

J’eco srl and possible partners can collect, use and share specific data on the site, including the geographical position in real time of the computer or device of a single user. These data on the position are collected in an anonymous form, in a format which does not personally identify     the User and which is used by J’eco srl and possible partners and licensees for providing and improving products and services based on the position. Some services based on the position offered by J’eco srl require personal data of the User in order to function.


  1. Preservation of personal data


J’eco srl preserves personal data only for the time necessary for following the objectives mentioned in the present Privacy Policy, unless a longer period is required or granted by law.



  1. Access to personal data


J’eco srl will do its best to provide the single User with access to its own personal data, so that the User can ask that the data be corrected if inaccurate or cancel them if J’eco srl is not held to preserve them by law or for legitimate commercial purposes. J’eco srl reserves the right to refuse to follow requests that are unreasonably repetitive, require excessive technical efforts, damage the privacy of third parties, are unpractical, and for which access is not in any case required by the local law. Requests for access, correction or cancellation can be addressed to the competent Jeco Privacy e-mail address.                                                                        14.  Third-party sites and services


Internet sites, products, applications and services of J’eco srl may contain links to Internet sites or products and services of third parties. The products and services of J’eco srl can also use or offer third-party products and services (e.g. a third-party application for mobile devices). The data collected from third parties, which can include information on the site or contact information, are regulated by their regulations on privacy.


  1. Data treatment and questions on privacy

The person in charge of the treatment of personal data relating to persons residing in a state belonging to the European Union    (EU), is the data treatment Manager of J’eco srl, having its main office in Brescia, Italy.

For any questions or doubts relating to the J’eco srl policy, privacy or data treatment, the Users are invited to contact us.

In the future, J’eco srl can update its Privacy Policy. In the case of substantial changes, a notification will be published on the website together with the updated Privacy Policy.

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Last updating of the Privacy policy: April 18, 2012