APT Basilicata

Vivi la Basilicata

A guide to know Basilicata, a territory where the myths of the past know how to dialogue with the trends of today. A collection of events, divided into the four seasons, to savor the tastes and views of a region all to discover!


A travelogue for those who know what to look for or those who want to find a brand new destination.
A calendar of opportunities to choose more suitable dates and events to their character and to their vacation time. The “Live the Basilicata” is an invitation to cross the threshold of Basilicata to live an event, a place, a suggestion that will leave track in your heart and mind.
Fellow travelers will be culture, in its infinite shades of museums, places and cities of art that enrich the region with the festival dedicated to the cinema, theater and literature, and the show, which through the great summer events makes a Basilicata stage magic atmospheres.
The rituals preserved in the numerous events will unveil tradition, then, the mysterious character of this land where the sacred and the profane often become one. The memory will guide the traveler along paths of a past than ever present, in pageants and Literary Parks witnesses of bygone days that marked the villages and the cities hosting them. Along the paths of taste will delight your palate those who come to discover ancient knowledge and authentic flavors. Many stories written and described, but many others to be discovered on the spot.
A Handbook to always carry in your pocket to keep long the excitement of a trip.
Basilicata, a discovery!

APT Basilicata
Via del Gallitello, 89
Tel. 0971 507611

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