Consorzio Forestale Terra tra i due Laghi

Visit Valvestino

The “Val Vestino” is a wonderful and charming mountain territory, that furrow perpendicularly the west coast of Garda Lake, connecting it with the Val Sabbia and Idro Lake.

The valley, that administratively belongs to Magasa and Valvestino’s municipality and develop itself along the creek named Toscolano and affluents, it’s a territory with an extraordinary naturalistic value located in the center of the Parco Alto Garda Breciano.

A visit of this municipalities conduce to the discovery of a true natural treasure, artisticly and energeticly that, throughout the atmosphere, the people and the secular traditions, becomes a suggestive jorney back in the days.

Project approved with the contribution of Lombardy Region

Consorzio Forestale Terra tra i due Laghi
Loc. Cluse, 25080 Valvestino BS
Tel. +39 0365 745007

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