Mountain Community of Valle Trompia

Valley geometries: for an integrated plan of culture in the Trompia Valley

Valley Geometries” is the Integrated Plan of culture in the Trompia Valley. Awarded as part of the public notice for the selection of Integrated Culture Plans promoted by the Lombardy Region, the intervention recovers and highlights multiple relationships in the area. Between natural environments and man-made sites, the project enhances the material and intangible heritages and paths, which are the main trace and testimony of this connection.



For this we are working on designing and developing:

  • the Community Map interactive Application and web viewer, built through the active participation of the population to identify, know, describe and orient the cultural heritage of the Valley and to decide on conservation and transformation actions.
  • the digital archive of the collection of the Casa Malossi Museum in Ome. The back-end software allows operators to manage the entire catalog in full-remote mode. The front-end component allows visitors and researchers to consult the archival heritage both from home and inside the rooms of the Museum, even in the absence of internet coverage.
  • interactive Apps for visiting the Museum system of the Valley.


Valley Geometries” is a complex project, written and developed by J’eco srl together with 17 public and private realities: Mountain Community of Valle Trompia, City of Gardone VT, Municipality of Bovezzo, Municipality of Lodrino, Municipality of Pezzaze, Municipality of Tavernole sul Mella, Abibook Coop. Social non-profit organization, Albatros film & Video srl, Art and Spirituality Association, Gardone Shed Association, Historical Cultural Association of Valtrompia Storica, Pietro Malossi Foundation, Pro Loco Collebeato, Coop. Social Student House, Ski-Mine srls, Treatro Terrediconfine Cultural Association.

Further insights are available Here.