Valle dei Monaci

Valle dei Monaci

Nearby points of history and faith, from Milan to Melegnano.


The Way of the Monks rediscovers the ancient route along the course of Vettabbia and its historical legacy of great value, starting with the ancient monastic settlements, from their spiritual works, cultural and artistic, as well as those inherent in the reclamation and innovations in the field agriculture and livestock. There is no shortage on the Camino, dining and retail outlets of the farms products (the old grange).

The guide is meant to revive the Way of the Monks, a pedestrian cycle path that starts from the center of Milan and arrives in Melegnano. Inside a path already it practiced many centuries ago is in Roman times, coinciding with the Via Francigena, which connected Rome to Canterbury, which in medieval times when the monastic orders (Cistercians and Humiliated), characterized from the cultural point of view and spiritual, leaving material evidence of their work through settlements and valuable artistic artefacts.
The trail runs through an area with a strong agricultural-productive vocation, where natural elements are still able to characterize the rural landscape and act as ecological corridors.
The path as a whole is divided into four main sections:

1_ll urban stretch from Milan to Nosedo
The path winds along Corso di Porta Romana, continue going to get to Lodi Nosedo. A spiritual journey that has one of the most important religious centers of the city moves to the southern outskirts of Milan.

2_Nel Vettabbia Park from Nosedo in Chiaravalle
The second section leaves the urban area to soak in the Milan South Agricultural Park and ends at one of the most important historical, artistic and spiritual centers of the city: the Abbey of Clairvaux.

3_Nella land of monks from Clairvaux in Viboldone
Around the Vettabbia meet the village of Civesio, the Mill Tower, Abbey Viboldone and a widespread system of farmsteads.

_Tra Villages and farmsteads from Viboldone in Melegnano
A fascinating journey into the lower Milanese campaign that reaches the city of Melegnano: a land worked by nature and man, a stylish rustic to savor pedaling slowly along the small streets and the large cultivated areas.

Associazione Nocetum Onlus
via San Dionigi 77
20139 Milano

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