Comunità Montana di Valle Trompia

Val Trompia Ecomuseum

The territory of the Trompia Valley is not just a surface of land characterized by the presence of settlements, roads, population, natural and landscape elements. Our landscape is something more than an area in which we live, move and work. It incorporates individual and collective memories, actions and relationships, events and values ​​of the community that lives it; it contains the signs of the cultural and social history of the men who inhabited and shaped it, through knowledge and practices born from the long interaction with the surrounding environment. How, then, to make known the wealth that each place holds?


Discover the Ecomuseum of Valle Trompia with the Community Map


The Community Map of the Ecomuseum of Valle Trompia is a tool aimed at bringing out the character of the territory, its specificity and its history, through a participatory process that involves the community. It is not a simple map or an inventory of assets and monuments, but a means that allows you to define from the inside, through a choral narration, the contours of your historical and cultural heritage, which is constantly evolving. The community continues to live the map, to question it, to discover the peculiarities and values ​​of the territory which will then be returned in the form of ideas and participatory projects. The Community Map therefore constitutes a process of reconstruction of individual and collective stories in relation to places and elements of the territory, preserving their memory to better understand the present and imagine the future.

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