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Monte Meru

The menu is the second highest mountain in Tanzania, a spectacular inactive volcano a few steps from Kilimanjaro. The Momella Route is the only way to climb to the mountain!


The second highest peak Tanzania is located in the region of Arusha, the center dell’Arusha National Park, a few kilometers from the homonymous city, made famous by coffee plantations and the people who live there: the Masai.
The volcano, with its 4,566 m, covered mostly by forests and green plains, is a paradise for many animal species, especially elephants, buffalo, leopards, monkeys and more than 400 species of birds. The last eruption of a minor, took place in 1910. The amount of volcanic craters in the Meru area suggest that the volcano has known in the past several explosions.

The volcano was climbed for the first time in 1904 Fritz Jäger.

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