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Tigullio digital ecomuseum

Tigullio Digital Ecomuseum is a project of participatory digital innovation and sustainable tourism development. We promote storytelling and valorization of the cultural and environmental heritage that characterizes the territory – from the Apennines to the Mediterranean – of the eastern Liguria Region.


Concretely, the project involves the design and development of a cross-platform web portal and an App for mobile devices, which allows both inhabitants and tourists to share knowledge and use services regarding:


  • multimedia content narrating the territory
  • naturalistic and cultural excursions
  • trail network
  • cultural and environmental heritage, material and immaterial
  • sustainable, outdoor, cultural and environmental tourism experiences and services

Take part in the future of your territory!

You too can contribute to preserving and passing on the value of an ancient, beautiful and fragile landscape. Join the community archive! Share your photos and documents, which are published by the ecomuseum on the web portal and digital tools.

Do you collect documents about the rural memory of our hills? Share your texts, photos, drawings, audio, information panels, etc., and participate in the shared story of the history of our territory.

Do you produce material on the flora, fauna and geology of our landscape? By submitting your inventories, photographs, studies, etc., you help raise awareness of environmental and natural heritage.

Do you track excursions and document points of interest? By sharing your gpx, tracks, historical maps, etc. you help locals and tourists to orient themselves through the slate streets and discover the beauty.

Do you create sustainable and outdoor tourism experiences? By sending us information relating to your courses, workshops, excursions, shows, etc., you promote sustainable tourism.

1. Immagini

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2. Documenti e files

Utilizza questa sezione se desideri condividere documenti vari quali testi, tracce, ecc.
Trascina qui i tuoi files (es. .pdf, .gpx, .doc) o clicca per selezionarle da una cartella sul tuo computer
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3. Link a risorse online

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Project recognized by the Italian Ministry of Culture, financed under the PNRR digital transition and by the European Union – Next Generation EU.