Ente di Gestione del Parco Naturale Aree Protette dell’Ossola

The Route Antronesca

The “Route Antronesca” connects Villadossola with Visp in the Valais and along the Antrona Valley and the Valley of Saas. Riscoprila today in Augmented Reality!


Among Antrona Saas Fee and the road exceeds 2884 m of the Pass of Saas (the highest historic pass Ossola), climbing steep switchbacks with veneered between ridges, scree and rocky cliffs.

In the Middle Ages the “Antrona Street” was quite important in transalpine transit: in 1454, in the church of San Bartolomeo in Saas Grund, met representatives of the mountain communities of both alpine slopes, to draft a document which established mutual responsibility for maintenance of the road, thanks both to men and some.

The trade routes saw coming from the Valais livestock and the famous “Valesio” cloth, while clothware took to the mountains the harsh wine produced on the terraces at the mouth of the valleys, the iron extracted from the mines Brevettola and objects of a craft poor and essential. To this we have to add the salt, which is essential for the preservation of foods as well as for cooking food.

Ente di Gestione del Parco Naturale Aree Protette dell’Ossola
Villa Gentinetta, Viale Pieri 27
28868, Varzo (VB)
Tel. 0324 / 72572
Fax 0324 / 72790
e-mail: info@areeprotetteossola.it
PEC: parchi.ossola@cert.ruparpiemonte.it

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