Franco Gentile

Strada dello Zafferano DOP

Land of sea and mountains, but also the highlands loads of traditions and historical productions. And ‘nell’Aquilano and in this region that saffron claims to have his birthright in Italy …


Abruzzo’s history is closely linked with the cultivation of saffron.
In the thirteenth century, when the city of L’Aquila was founded on edict of Frederick II, already several historical sources describe the cultivation and trade of precious spice.
From the Plateau area of Navelli, the cultivation spread to all the Abruzzo inland areas creating a thriving business.
In a short time the Eagle was able to arrange trade with the most important cities: Milan and Venice, as well as with foreign cities: Frankfurt, Marseille, Vienna, Nuremberg and Augsburg. King Robert of Anjou (1317) abolished the taxes on saffron to facilitate trade.
Jobst Findenken Nuremberg personally came to L’Aquila to buy saffron and then along the way the adulterated with other types of saffron. It was discovered and 27 July 1444 was burned alive with the product bearing.

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