Federazione Strade dei Vini e dei Sapori di Lombardia

Strada del Vino e dei Sapori della Valcalepio

A guide to discover the gastronomic delights of the Valcalepio, the hilly area located in the eastern part of the Province of Bergamo, on the right bank of the river Oglio.


But Nell’accezione wine, Valcalepio is a much more extensive area that starts from Lake Iseo until you get near Lake Como, an area extension of about 60 km with a depth that never exceeds 5 -6 km.

And constitutes the last offshoots of the Orobie Pre-Alps and, from a geological point of view, it can be divided into two sectors by virtue of the characteristics of the land: the hills east of Bergamo to Lake Iseo, the soils are clay and limestone; in the area north west of Bergamo the soils are acidic and Scytho-clay.

The DOC wines of this area comes from the grapes grown on about 300 hectares of vineyards, located at different altitudes until you reach 600 meters above sea level. The Wine Route and the Valcalepio runs on three routes. The first, called The Cloisters, part of the highway exit Capriate S. Gervasio and ends in Bergamo; along its route you can admire the Abbey of St. Egidio in Sotto il Monte Giovanni XXIII, the Abbey of Pontida and the beautiful Church of San Tome in Almenno San Salvatore. The second path, The Heart of Valcalepio, start to finish in Bergamo Grumello del Monte. Inside you can admire, besides the city of Bergamo, the Abbey of San Paolo D’Argon, the Chapel of Santa Barbara, frescoed by Lorenzo Lotto, inside Villa Suardi in Trescore Balnario and countless castles belonging partenuti to the leader Bartolomeo Colleoni family. The third path called The Lake, winds its way from the highway to Grumello del Monte to return there after touching Lake Iseo in Sarnico and have met the fifteenth Castel Dei Conti in Castelli Calepio.

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