Federazione Strade dei Vini e dei Sapori di Lombardia

Strada del Vino Colli dei Longobardi

La Strada del Vino Colli dei Longobardi is a food and wine fair, which runs through the territory of Brescia. It encloses Brescia, the last layers of Brescia pre-Alps and the initial level territory to the southeast, which serves as its crown.


And ‘an area suited, since ancient times, wine production also as a support for the needs of the city; ancient center Gallic outpost of the Roman Empire and later home to an important Lombard duchy.

The brand of the Road of the Lombards Hills Wine depicts stylized cockerel weathervane commissioned by Bishop Ramperto to a local craftsman for the bell tower of the church of San Faustino in Brescia.

It ‘a relic preserved in the Lombard section of the Santa Giulia Museum, the starting point of our journey, along with the Pusterla vineyard.

Strada del Vino dei Colli Longobardi
c/o Youth Point CTS – “I Viaggi dei Giovani” srl
Via Nicolò Tommaseo, 2/A
25128 – Brescia (BS)
Tel +39 030 41 889
Fax +39 178 441 59 88

Mail info@stradadelvinocollideilongobardi.it
Web www.stradadelvinocollideilongobardi.it

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