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Strada del Tartufo mantovano

The extreme portion of the border province of Mantova with Emilia, known as Oltrepò Mantovano, is a land rich in history and tradition, marked by the strong presence of the great Po river, lighthouse and head of the local culture.


Cross the Oltrepò Mantovano means finding a landscape where human industriousness and blends naturally the tranquility of nature and where the sounds of productive life are lost in the silence of the open country.

Due to its geographical location, the crossroads between north and south and between east and west, it retains great testimonies of a glorious past.

From the Etruscans to the Romans, from the Middle Ages with a fruitful Benedictine monks and Matilde di Canossa to Gonzaga duchy that has characterized himself the whole territory, the wars of independence to the peasant struggles.

The agricultural vocation has produced a kitchen that was defined principles and people, the typical salami, Parmigiano Reggiano, the famous pumpkin tortelli, the angels in soup, risotto, truffles, the stews, pie noodles are only some of the dishes that you can taste in restaurants and farms in the area.

And here, where the soil, climate and habitats become the ideal scenario for the birth of Tuber magnatum Pico (the precious white truffle), which develops the work of the Truffle Road Mantovano, an association founded in late 2003 with the primary purpose of encouraging the development of the area through the promotion of an integrated tourism offer, built on the peculiarities of local products, on the gastronomic traditions and of adequate quality of services.

The truffle, like so understood system, is at its best in Tru.Mu, the Museum of the Truffle Borgofranco sul Po, where among other things the headquarters of the association, in which a path, dedicated to adults and children, bears visitors to discover scientific data and trivia related to the precious fungus.

Strada del Tartufo Mantovano
c/o TRU.MU. Museo del Tartufo
Via A. Barbi, 36/b
46020 – Borgofranco sul Po (MN)

Tel. e Fax +39 0386 41667
Mail info@stradadeltartufo.org
Web www.stradadeltartufo.it

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