Federazione Strade dei Vini e dei Sapori di Lombardia

Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori mantovani

A journey through the wines, the flavors, the historical and architectural beauties and the natural heritage of Mantua.


If Mantua is one of the main Italian art cities, its territory is also famous for its rich gastronomy and for its agricultural products, such as the screw has a privileged place, accompanied by pears, melons, onions and cereals. Here the wine tradition finds its best expression thanks to the terrain, exposure to the sun and the mild climate. Currently on the territory of the DOC Garda Colli Mantovani are more than a thousand hectares planted in vineyards; ancient and successful is also the age-old tradition of wine culture of the area of DOC Lambrusco Mantovano.

A trip through nature and civilization of the Mantovano can not avoid taking into account the deep imprint brought to these places by the Gonzaga dynasty, that the pleasures of sight and imagination approached those of taste.

Strada dei vini e dei sapori mantovani
Largo Pradella, 1
46100 – Mantova (MN)

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