Federazione Strade dei Vini e dei Sapori di Lombardia

Strada dei Sapori delle Valli Varesine

Route des Saveurs the Varese Valleys affects the entire mountainous portion of the province of Varese, touching the territories of Valceresio, Valcuvia, Valganna, Valmarchirolo and Valleys Luinese. The road is marked by an articulated wealth of goods that is difficult to succinctly describe it.

The main resource of the area is the landscape, formed by the presence of natural resources, water, green valleys and from the background of the snowy peaks of the Alps, as well as a remarkable architectural heritage in settlements by man.

To visit the historic coastal villages and its promenades, harbors and docks (Laveno Mombello, Luino, Maccagno, Gavirate, Lavena Ponte Tresa, Porto Valtravaglia, etc.); the inland settlements (for example, the Arcumeggia painted village); the fortifications (Imperial Tower of Maccagno, the Rock of Angera); Campo dei Fiori park; the fortifications of the Linea Cadorna; the fate of manufacturing facilities in relation to the presence of water (Maglio di Ghirla, Piero Mills Curiglia); the system of aristocratic villas (Villa della Porta Bozzolo Casalzuigno); museums (the International Museum of Ceramic Design Laveno Mombello, Museum Floriano Bodini to Gemonio); the numerous shrines, oratories and churches (Pieve di Arcisate, Badia di San Gemolo).

La Strada, partially traveled on bike path, also it offers the opportunity to use the Sasso cableway Laveno Iron, to enjoy a splendid view of all lakes in the province, and the Monteviasco cable car, to discover a quaint village Val Veddasca.

Nowadays, there are three routes, that are able to integrate this heritage with the equally interesting cultural and gastronomic values of the area, making it a unique and unforgettable visit.

Strada dei Sapori delle Valli Varesine
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