Serio Regional Park

The landscape of the protected area of the Parco del Serio is the result of the millenary relationship between man and the environment.


In particular, the characterizing element of the park from a landscape point of view is represented by the Serio river, which, having passed the valley area of Val Seriana, in its middle stretch starting from Seriate is characterized by the presence of an alternation of agricultural areas and natural with alternating meadows and woods.


The building is characterized by the presence of historic farmhouses and places of great architectural interest: in particular the Colleoneschi castles and the medieval historic centers of Urgnano, Cologno al Serio, Martinengo and Romano di Lombardia and further south, in the province of Cremona, numerous villas and historic buildings.


The characterizing element of a river park is water. Thus the ecosystems present can be characterized according to the distance from the river bed: the humid woods that occupy the banks, the humid meadows in the southern areas of the Park, the arid meadows in the northern area, the humid meadows wet by floods, the agricultural environments in the area outside the river.


The presence of a rich and varied landscape is the basis of the presence of multiple ecosystems within which flora and fauna adapted to specific environmental conditions develop. Maintaining this landscape is the basis for conserving biodiversity, that is, the variety of species and genetic heritage present within the Park.


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