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Sentiero Valtellina e Ciclabile Valchiavenna

The Path Valtellina (94 km) and Cycle Valchiavenna (45 km) are two important pedestrian and cycle routes through much of the valley of the province of Sondrio.

Almost 150 km for everyone to discover the Valtellina under a new guise, not only high streets and towering peaks, but a quieter excursion, you can do both on foot and by bicycle, along the courses of the rivers Adda and Mera through small villages and major towns Valtellina.

The routes run not far from the railway and the train may be an ideal support to enjoy the full beauty. The direct line running from Milan Central Station reaches Colico, on top of the Como lake, ideal start of the trail, Morbegno, Sondrio and Tirano, milestones, or Chiavenna.

Increase or decrease the valley is a personal choice, the gradients are still very low and the effort of pedaling or walking is certainly not high.

La Guida è in abbinamento con la cartina che si può ritirare gratuitamente presso tutti gli info point Provinciali Indicati”

Amministrazione Provinciale di Sondrio

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