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Segnali di Futuro

Signs of the Future offers an experience of interactive exploration of cases of innovation from the bottom in the Milan area.


The application was created with the goal of making too easily accessible and navigable via smartphone and tablet content on the segnalidifuturo.com web site, that is a large collection and mapping of practices and ideas for innovation from the bottom in the Milan subway areas such as public services, work, living, mobility, culture, local development.

These are geolocated and divided into 5 categories:

This categorization allows better visualization and identification of the same within the map by using 5 different icons / pin.

For each case there is a card with detailed description, references and photos. In many cases the card is built on one side of storytelling that chronicles the early stages of the birth and development of the practice itself. This is the result of careful reconnaissance operation in the Milan area and the creation of exhibitions and debates that involved over to the promoters of the various practices, including various local stakeholders, mayors and experts.

The application also implements a function that allows users to be notified, through the use of push notifications, the promotion of new events or actions directly related to the Future Signs project.

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