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Quanto Basta

Enough is good Northern Milan. And ‘the size that we have chosen to talk about food and territory is the simple measure that makes the difference and creates the good of North Milan.

Quanto basta is the good in the Northern Milan, that is …

Historians routes

Edited by the Documentation Center of Historical Cinisello Balsamo and the Association of Friends Milanino
Two trips on the trail of our recent past, when the direct production of food was still the predominant occupation and living was shaped court.
The historical tours of Enough retrace some of the places that show how it changed the urban fabric in Northern Milan since the beginning of the twentieth century. With the development of industry employed in agriculture fell drastically, changing homes and places and the ways of the sale and consumption of food: shops, bars, taverns than once slowly disappearing …

Eat Qb – The food places

Enough is a network that allows you to find restaurants, shops, markets and many other places where you can still learn about, taste and buy a food able to tell their own story: where it comes from, how it was produced, it was chosen and worked at that particular way.
A food that is committed to being good, thanks to the naturalness of raw materials, clean, by respecting ecosystems and the environment, right, because it guarantees dignity and fairness to those who eat and those who produce.
A food you can learn about through the encounter with those who produced or chosen for us.Discover places where you eat Qb!

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Quanto Basta is a project of Slow Food Northern Milan

Slow Food Nord Milano – Condotta nr.400
c/o Cooperativa Agricola
VIA Mariani 11
20092 Cinisello Balsamo – MILANO

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