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OltrepoPavese is a digital territory. Culture, Taste, Music and Environment in an interactive journey of discovery of the local heritage and ongoing initiatives.


Question 1: How much time is needed to know the Oltrepò Pavese? One hour, two, a year or maybe not enough? Answer: he Oltrepò know walking. It is not the answer you were expecting? In fact it is not: does not provide numbers, but a mode.

Question 2: How long does it take to find out that in Oltrepò born orchids, find them, wonder and turn them into memory? You can not quantify the time of an orchid. Even that of a castle, a tower, a square and the sea on the horizon. Just the sea? That’s him. By the green and the sea can be seen on the other side, towards the north, you can see the plain, the Po and the Alps.

Question 3: How long does it take for a taste, a wine, a recipe, the rite renovated an old canteen? The time to understand them, know them and give in to the feeling. And this time, naturally, has no hands. Someone calls them “assets”, someone “traditions” are the soul of a place, its identity.

Oltrepò Pavese said possible suggestions walking into a territory that is also, like the others, made of pure numbers. highest altitudes of the Apennines: Monte Lesima: 1724 meters; Monte chiappo: 1700 meters; Cima Colletta: 1494 meters; Monte Penice: 1460 meters.

In addition to the Po, 8 streams in average steady state: Staffora, Ardivestra, Tidone, Cup, Scuropasso, Versa, Versiggia, Bardonezza. It is the most famous waterways, but the hydrogeological system dell’Oltrepò is a complex network and distinctive water.

I gravitate more centers on its valleys: Voghera (Staffora), Casteggio (Cup), Broni (Scuropasso), Stradella (Versa) and Varzi, in the Apennines, historic point of arrival, departure and transit along the Staffora, towards the Po Valley or towards Liguria.

From here he passed the Via del Sale, which was a way of other cultures, exchanges and shares. Around the major centers, the constellation of 73 municipalities and an extraordinary “garden”: 14,000 hectares of vineyards, and then forests and areas that tell the ancient hill and mountain forests, plants and herbs, wild fruits and crops. All this at 50 km from Milan, 90 km from Genoa, 40 km from Piacenza and 40 km from Alexandria. Among stories in Oltrepò have brought the story, that of the Celts, the ancient Gauls and then the Romans, the Lombards, the Middle Ages with its pilgrims and his warriors, of Corti magnificent or warlike, stories of hermits and monasteries, Napoleonic campaigns and the Risorgimento, the Great Wars, today.

And, today, the story is still readable, traveling between monuments and trails, landscapes and feelings. Question 1: How much time is needed to know the Oltrepò? Walking.

Edited by: Cinzia Montagna

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