Giacomo Gerosa

Monte Canto e dintorni

The most beautiful places of this hill that forms a hinge between the foothills and the plains.


The Monte Canto (710 m) is the band of hillsides, rising Adda and degrading towards the Brembo, bordering to the south the Val S. Martino. These hills are composed of rocks of the Cretaceous period and, in particular, from the sandstone of Sarnico formation on the southern slopes and the “flysch Pontida ‘on those northerners.
The direction from west to east these heights causes a strong environmental opposition. The northern side, facing Pontida, is presented as an uninterrupted succession of green forests with valleys, without significant human intervention.
The southern slope, however, is covered with vineyards and farms. crossing point between the two environments is extremely scenic ridge on which stands the village of Canto, a linear settlement that had a certain importance in the past, as evidenced by the presence here of two churches, but now reduced to ruins.

The beauty of the landscape and the vastness and variety of views are added important cultural historical presences that accentuate the interest.
They find in fact two of the most famous abbeys of Bergamo: that of Fontanella, which is definitely among the most suggestive evidence of the Romanesque Bergamo, and that of Pontida whose reputation is closely linked to the famous oath. For here, in 1167, the league was born of Lombard that, defeating the Emperor, allowed the development of the Italian municipal civilization.
The beauty and peculiarity of the area is such that, in recent times, it was planned to create us a national park which would have to take the name of ‘Bosco di S. Alberto “, in honor of the founder of the abbey of Pontida . at the moment, however, the protection of the scheme is limited to a PLIS (local park Interest sovraccomunale), called the “Singing and Bedesco”.

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