Comune di Milano – Municipio 7

Milano Paesaggio Culturale

I had a dream and this came true: to put, as they say, black on white or better color on color the beaut, the richness and the inherent value of the area 7.

The opportunity presented itself with the participation of the project area to Genuinagente Council and the work table which related enriched with significant presence brought me the idea to create a “map” that would identify some particularly important aspects and characterize our area, namely those related to SOSTENIIBILITA ‘ENVIRONMENTAL.

The historical moment, also, I would say that it imposes since even the UN has named 2014 as “International Year of family farming.”

And they started from the fact that our territory has eight active farms and with such conduct, which were to be known, supported, helped and stimulated in the expansion of their activities in a boot path for him to say that Milan has to start to feed Milan.
Surely even the advent of EXPO ‘2015 did turn, finally, the spotlight on the “food problem”, safeguard health, biodiversity, landscape, local culture and traditions.

In the first formulation the map was supposed to represent, in addition to farms, agricultural paths, the legendary fountains representing the pride of Milan’s wealth, the green areas publicly accessible, urban gardens and cycle paths, then, as always happens ideas call ideas and the group of “local history”, already active in the work of the State Council, has added to what has already been developed, stressing the importance to also implement the system the many historical and cultural treasures present in our reality . So here were highlighted major artifacts, testimonies of ancient and recent times, by the Romans to Gio ‘Ponti, such representations of pieces of a picture to be painted to fix the memory, realize the knowledge and stimulate curiosity, not only for those he lives in the area but also for all co them that, for business or pleasure, you will find in the west of Milan.

La map of sustainability has therefore become the map “To Know …”, easy to read, concise tool but not too much, to intrigue and inform. Certainly not a road directory, I would rather say a diary which tells clearly and generally what you find in this part of the city to see, visit …. Admire.

And ‘an area that combines city and country, quality shopping and culture …. in hand with irrigation canals and fountains, parks and ponds, the rural world and productive campaigns with advanced services.

Along with the wonderful historic center of Milan, its splendid buildings, hidden courtyards, churches, the canals, this is the opportunity to give voice to the Milan device which has greatly contributed to the rich city and has so much to tell and, potentially, by innovating.

The social, cultural and commercial Financo contamination contributed to weave a story that must be read, examined and appreciated, which is even more so today the fundamental reasons for its industrious nature.

A look back and a lens on the present to stimulate observations, reflections, incubation of ideas and projects that can meet the new challenges that today’s society presents to us and we want to help.

Elena Tagliaferri
Commission President Industry Zone 7 – Milano

Curated by:
Comune di Milano – Consiglio di zona 7
Made by:
Associazione Thara Rothas
Text edit:
Alice Arienta, Giorgio Uberti, Silvia Passerini, Stefano Crippa

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