Borgo del Maglio di Ome – Museo Casa Malossi

Interactive viewer

In 1998, the antiquarian Pietro Malossi established the Foundation that bears his name. According to the statutory will, the Foundation has as its purpose the “conservation in the town of Ome of the artistic collection made up of selected objects of painting and sculpture; the ordering of said Collection for public use, its care and conservation, display and integration; its making available to visitors, students and scholars, in order to foster and promote education and artistic culture, the development of good taste and the culture of fine arts, at the same time remaining a place for the dignity of the municipality worth visiting. ”


For the Casa Malossi Museum, we have created an interactive device for consulting the collection, both as regards the goods displayed in the display cases, and as regards the heritage in the archive.


The visitor of the Museum is offered the opportunity to access multimedia contents describing the works, indexed by type, near the display cases. The researcher is offered the possibility to remotely consult the contents of SIRBeC: information system of the cultural heritage of the Lombardy Region. The Archivist of the Museum is offered the possibility of managing the entire archival heritage remotely.


The device, synchronized online with its database, is fully usable even without an internet connection.

Fondazione Pietro Malossi – Casa Museo
via Maglio, 51
25050 Ome (BS)

funzionamento teca interattiva Casa Malossi
funzionamento teca interattiva Casa Malossi


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