Aree Protette Ossola


A long itinerary that is articulated to the sides of the Val Cairasca from San Domenico to Pastures Aurona, the discovery of vertical and soft highland landscapes deeply influenced geological-structural dall’assetto and shaped by glaciers over the years.


In this guide the inanimate environment provides us with important information for reconstructing the history of the area in the direction of evolution and its colonization by plants and animals but also the cultural and economic partner of the populations in these areas have lived and still live .

This guide is divided into 18 points, from which you can observe how the area has transformed over the years.
The main access route is considered in this guide that down the dirt road from Campo bridge and climbs with some sharp bends to the Chapel of Groppallo, then wander into the gorge of the river Cairasca.
Then along the plain to the north.
It follows the ascent to the Aurona nozzle and then begin the descent passing close to Lipstick.
When you reach the lakes, the route plan to drive along them, thus reaching Cianciavero.

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