Lavoro e Cultura

The streets of the popular culture in Milan
Objective: to rebuild the road that emancipation that workers have had to travel before we can fully acquire their rights and to be full citizens.


Map wants is to bring young and old to the history of their city, illustrating the places where, during the twentieth century, historical organizations, union offices, cultural associations from different backgrounds have created structures dedicated to the professional and cultural training of the Fourth State.

The map is a “litmus test” where the visitor has the opportunity to learn about places and stories of the last century, reliving the tensions, the battles, the dreams of redemption and revenge that marked the lives of thousands of people: men and women, considered “pariah” and simple gear of the working world, they would have acquired the status of citizens in a few years.

Faced with the shortcomings of the central government (and local), in our city there was a change of course, made possible thanks to the vision of a part of the production and business and the involvement of many Milanese institutions engaged in the care field, dell ‘ upbringing and education.

Through the network of relations, contacts, projects, a new social reform would have emerged, giving way to all the tools for social components “track by himself same” and aspire to a better life.
It is precisely this to make Milan a city with a European dimension: the Chamber of Labour created the first employment offices located in different areas of the city and later the practice school of application for cooperation, social security and social legislation; with the Women’s Union will enhance the initiatives on behalf of women; with the People’s University, the Teatro del Popolo and its increasingly wide network of popular libraries (in the city, the suburbs, and then in the northern regions) inaugurates a new phase of education to art and culture, promotion reading, of moral elevation (not only technical and professional) of all workers.

In this research (which will be implemented in the coming months as new “items”) felt it was important to consider all the stories, events, methods, documents that testify to the efforts of individual promoters, specifically related to the places and to the territories in which these activities were activated and developed, in order to build a map in progress of social emancipation places in Milan.


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