Provincia di Milano – Settore Turismo


The seaplane base is your green space in town!
Born in the 30’s as an airport for seaplanes, it is now an immense green lung, ideal for your relaxation thanks to a wide variety of services for leisure, usable all year.


The stretch of water receives a large park.
Due to its characteristics and services of excellence offered, Idroscalo is one of the best equipped parks in Europe, and, therefore, is chosen by international sports bodies as a forum for absolute proof for the world championships.
But Idroscalo is much more: it is also a gathering place for children, who can learn while having fun with the numerous workshops and games at the Children’s Village, the Dolly Park with its inflatable all colorful and MUBA.
Seaplane base is also a meeting, a direct contact with nature: walks, bike rides with family and friends in total safety, …
Seaplane base is new: for the event Expo 2015 in fact it is working to restore a habitat for animals, as in the Virgin Pond, or to accommodate new types of plants, such as the Lagoon of the Water Lilies.
Seaplane base is also an almost essential destination for the summer in Milan: you can take a dip in the clear waters of the basin in safety, thanks to the intervention of lifeguards patent the Italian Swimming Federation … so there is something for all tastes!

With this guide you will discover all of the services available all’Idroscalo ….
So what are you waiting for? Dive into dell’Idroscalo!

Provincia di Milano – Settore Turismo

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