Carovana per Gaza

Gaza Stories

This guide begins in January 2016 during the II Festival “Training and exchange Italian-Gaza”. It was realized through the efforts of many Gaza students, friends and residents, who have shared with us a bit ‘of their lives, thoughts and desires.


This guide aims to build a new representation of the territory of Gaza and its political, cultural and social from the point of view of the inhabitants with their knowledge, attitudes and skills.
Giving voice to the life and practices of every day, talking about life and vitality of the people is a way to overcome the unique representation of death and destruction by the media around the world. The people of Gaza as a collective author, takes the public debate back and show the world, and in itself, the richness of their everyday practices. life talk is a way to escape traditional representations that tend to simplify the discussion on Gaza.
This experiment of narration gives the younger generation the opportunity to redefine how to describe their lives and the country in which they live. concrete existence an action that can speak stronger than violence and oppression. One possible way to ‘be human’.

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