Forest Consortium of the Lombard Park of the Ticino Valley

Made up of the Ticino Valley Lombard Park, the Municipalities of Vergiate, Turbigo, Somma Lombardo, Boffalora sul Ticino and the Tre Pini di Somma Lombardo property, the Forestry Consortium of the Ticino Valley Lombard Park deals primarily with the silvicultural management of forest properties conferred, through the carrying out of the phases of agro-forestry-pastoral production. Therefore forestry activities (cutting trees and forest uses, care and renewal of the forest, integrated development of the forest-wood-energy supply chain), land improvement, technical assistance.


In a non-mainstream capacity, according to the provisions of the Lombardy Region Resolution No. XI/7108 of 10/10/2022, it will deal with the enhancement of the forest in terms of nature, landscape, recreational tourism, maintenance of the minor water network and the hiking network.


By putting the best technologies into a system, we have created the new web portal for the Consortium. The integration of the latest generation systems allows the operators of the Organization to create and modify all the contents dynamically, intuitively and in complete autonomy. The result for the visitor is a website with a graphic layout and latest generation functions, responsive to the characteristics of the device used.

Consorzio forestale del Parco lombardo della Valle del Ticino
SEDE LEGALE: via Isonzo, 1 20013 Magenta (MI)
SEDE OPERATIVA: Centro Parco “Ex Dogana Austroungarica”, Via De Amicis s.n. – 21015 Lonate Pozzolo Fraz. Tornavento (VA)
Tel. +39 331 7834880


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