Consorzio Forestale Terra tra i due Laghi

New web portal

The Forestry Consortium Terra tra i due Laghi, based in Loc. Cluse in Turano, carries out agro-forestry-pastoral activities and management of environmental resources. It operates with its own workers and in agreement with the agricultural members, forest companies, sawmills and cooperatives in the field of conservation, defense and enhancement of forest, livestock and agricultural resources, carries out monitoring of the hydrogeological structure, carries out small interventions of forest hydraulic arrangement, intervenes in the maintenance of agrosilvopastoral roads, it favors the improvement and enhancement of pastures, mountain pastures and typical crops.


By implementing the best technologies for the web, we have created the new web portal for the Consortium. The integration of state-of-the-art systems allows the Entity’s operators to create and modify all contents dynamically, intuitively and in complete autonomy. The result for the visitor is a website with a graphic layout and latest generation functions, responsive to the characteristics of the device used.


Available on the World Wide Web