Barona Stories

Barona Stories tells the most peripheral part of the Barona district, where the city gives way to the Milan South Agricultural Park. Stories and places unravel under the guidance of a group of young anthropologists, the discovery of the contemporary urban landscape.

This guide to the Barona – Teramo Milan Park neighborhood is a collaboration between the teaching of Anthropology Aesthetics held by Prof. Ivan Bargna in the Master of Science in Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, University of Milan Bicocca and the project operators whose Dencity goal is the creation of an integrated cultural system in Zone 6 through creative enhancement of the cultural resources of the area.

Authors of this work are the students of Aesthetic Anthropology 2014/2015 coordinated by Ivan Bargna, Floriana Colombo (President of A77 Coop. Soc.) And Erika Lazzarino, (President of Dynamoscopio, Dencity leader of the project). The students have been practicing in the field work, beginning to learn the work of the anthropologist and have created a multimedia product, useful and enjoyable, which can be enjoyed by the citizens.

This guide does therefore be a tool with which to approach the social life of the neighborhood, through the voice of those who live there, to try to understand places, perspectives and practices. As each guide will allow those who will use it to move along the traceable paths on one card, but its purpose is first to ask open questions and significant that refer to the experience of the people, their desires, projections and plans on places where they live : not for tourism, but to look around. The focus has been mainly the fault line that runs through the district, that of Park Teramo, unknown to many park in Milan, where the Barona neighborhood becomes periphery and opens onto the paddies Park: place largely indecisive and that marginal reserve many surprises and keeps a lot of potential.

Have a good trip.

Barona Stories is an initiative promoted by the project Dencity with Dynamoscopio and A77 Cooperative.
With the contribution of Fondazione Cariplo.


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