Anteprima Latina

Anteprima Latina

Latina and its province to be discovered! Established in 1934, with 33 municipalities, it covers 2,250 sq km., Divided between the hilly-mountainous areas, and coastal plains. geographical features and antiquity of human settlement make a complete area: sea, mountains, islands, spas, national and regional parks, natural monuments, archaeological sites and medieval, the “new towns”.


E ‘linked to the history of the Via Appia, the “Queen of Roads”, opened in 312 BC by the censor Appio Claudio to connect Rome to Capua. The coastline stretches for more than hundred kilometers of golden sand beaches and rocky promontories alternate according to a fascinating variety of environments. Valid and diversified the tourist proposal. marinas are present along the entire coastline. The seaside offer is enriched dall’arcipelago of the Pontine Islands. The province is watered throughout its length from the sea and accompanied in parallel by hills and mountains. On the heights of the numerous ancient origin countries. Latina is the capital city. Many environmental areas, the largest is the National Park of Circeo. Numerous cultural destinations, among them: the archaeological areas of Minturnae-Sperlonga Grotta di Tiberio, Norba, Formia, Privett, Cori, Sabaudia, Terracina; the medieval villages of Sermoneta, Fondi, Itri and Gaeta; the Gothic Cistercian abbeys of Fossanova (Priverno) and Valvisciolo (Sermoneta) and numerous sanctuaries.

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