Parco dell’Adamello

Alta Via – Sentiero 1

The path 1 ‘Alta Via Adamello’ is a hiking path through the Adamello mountain group. Along the Alta Via Adamello meet the remains of military settlements of the First World War trenches, walls, caves and other works.


The trail allows, over a minimum of one week time to walk the walk in stages of almost 70 km from the hostel Breno, until the presence of the North dell’Adamello wall, to end at the railway station of Edolo ( or viceversa). All while remaining outside the centers and settlements, in the high mountains and always in places of great natural and environmental value, within the Adamello Park territory and taking completely different aspects step by step.

The shelters that are encountered on the path are logistical support points, but also points of information on the spot, to get useful tips on things to do and see nearby. Almost all participating in initiatives of the Adamello Park: the Project “different Refuges”, aimed at the promotion of separate collection of waste, the draft territorial mark, which provides for their involvement in initiatives for the promotion of the territory and the preservation of ‘ environment.

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Parco dell’Adamello
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